Future proof solution Cookie Free.

Our Artificial Intelligence powered technology is built on a context-first mindset. The ad serving as well as the campaign optimisation algorithms are not only optimising domains or ad placements but each individual article. This allows us to select the articles that deliver the highest performance while remaining relevant to the user.

1. We analyse the context of your ad

We generate a transcript out of your video and analyse it in order to understand what you are saying. For non-video or audio creatives, we are working on analysing the landing page. Meanwhile we make a manual selection of articles based on relevant topics.

2. We find matching articles

Based on what your ads are about, we select articles that are related in order to deliver the highest relevance.
Depending on volumes required, we set a higher or lower relevance score.

3. We optimise matched articles based on performance

Depending on your campaign goals, we remove articles that underperform while guaranteeing expected volumes.

The result is a targeting and optimisation that doesn't rely on 3rd party cookies or any other identifier.